Aye Chihuahua!

After spending several weeks in Mexicos Northern Central Highlands and hitching 321 miles out of the desert I’m now stuck in Chihuahua, on a bitter cold rainy day completely unprepared for winter. With only a Lucky 13 hoodie as a way to stay warm and dry I’ve had to stay in my hotel room across from the train station while the low clouds drench the Dieserto Chihuahuense just outside my doorstep.

 A freaky automobile accident as my ride arrived Torreón late last night slowed my arrival to the bus terminal thereby delaying my perfectly timed arrival at the train station at 6 am this morning to board El Chepe, Mexicos last passenger train from Chihuahua to Los Mochis as I make my way home to San Francisco, California via bus, hitchhiking and now train. The Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacifico snakes its way through 656 kilometers dropping over 7200 feet through Mexicos great copper canyon, four times larger and deeper than the US Grand Canyon it connects Mexicos interior within 34 kilometers of the Pacific coast at Los Mochis in the Sinaloa desert. My lonely Planet guide describes it as “planet earth on steroids”.

To say that I’m excited about this journey is understated. After celebrating Mexico city’s first ever Day of the dead parade, 

spending the night in the Xoxocatlan cemetery, one of Oaxacas greatest day of the dead indigenous family gatherings, 

visualizing incredible misty sunsets over San Jose Del Pacifico majestic cloud covered mountains, 

traversing Guerreros beaches from Zipolite to Chacahua on its Central Pacific Coast, 

riding a horse through Michoacán’s volcanic covered church to Querétaro’s magic pueblos, 

soaking in San Luis Potosi’s surreal jungle,

hiking through the dry desert at Real de Catorce’s phantom mining towns 

to roasting in Wadley’s Peyote filled desert and hitchhiking out via Zacatecas & Durango 

I’ve finally arrived at one of my most looked forward to parts of this great ride, Coahuilas great Copper Canyon and Ferrocarril Chihuahua Pacifico train journey. 

It’s seven great canyons four times larger than Arizonas’ Great Grand Canyon are deeper in places and have been gouged out of the sierras 25 million year old volcanic rocks by earths great tectonic movements and roaring rivers snaking their way from the high ground winter snows through its tropical fruit covered bottom just 34 kilometers short of the Pacific Ocean. 

Early tomorrow morning I mount this great beast and ride it through one of the worlds most picturesque landscapes, used by Hollywoods greats as backdrops for the great westerns of our time. Wish me luck in my attempt to gain a last minute magic ticket aboard its majesty by arriving early to this already sold out holiday excursion.

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