Mexico City

October 2016

The thirty minute ride via Uber from the airport to my flat in Mexico City cost a mere sixty pesos, three US dollars, compared to the twenty five bucks I paid from home to SFO, a twenty minute ride, that’s cheap. I found myself taking Uber’s across the expanse of the city for less than 60 pesos, that is until I figured out the collectivos charge four pesos and the metro five. Each peso is worth a bit less than five cents.

The flight from San Francisco arriving at 9:00am is faster than flying across the continental US. By noon I found myself walking dogs at a nearby animal shelter. I would spend the next two weeks volunteering at the shelter walking dogs, bathing them and helping with general cleanup.

Three days ago we received a nameless chocolate Doberman from the police brigade. They rescued him from an abusive environment. Scared, starving and full of flys he cowered in the corner not wanting to look at human.

Today with donations from friends and family Gabriela, one of the shelter volunteers and I went to the Mercado to purchase him a kennel. The shelter is completely out of them. Señora Mary also received a new kennel, her old one being completely destroyed.

I was supposed to go to a restaurant near the Basilica de Guadalupe Monday morning to learn to make tortillas and menudo but this poor soul looked in my eyes and I had to stop everything to take care of him. I named him Charlie and spent the next couple days bathing him, walking him and last night bringing him home to spend the night. Slowly he is recuperating but he’s going to need lots of love and attention.

The afternoons find me at the local taco shops. At ten pesos each I normally have three for breakfast, three for lunch and three for dinner. I’m taco’d out!


Yesterday & this afternoon for lunch I had chicken mole. The ladies at the Mercado call me guero, today the owner called me into the kitchen and invited me to her home where she is going to teach me to make mole. In a day or two I will get up early, catch the metro to the Basilica de Guadalupe and take up the other ladies on their offer to teach me to make tortillas & menudo.

Mexico City being the center of the universe, according to the Aztecs, has been exciting and is keeping me busy.

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